First Home Buyers

When is the best time to speak with a Mortgage Broker?

Immediately, you decide that you would like to purchase a home, even if you know you are not ready yet.  Here is why.

An experienced Mortgage Broker is a wonderful resource in helping you to get credit ready.  They will discuss the following with you.

  • How much deposit do you need?
  • What other costs are involved?
  • Am I eligible for the First Homeowner’s Grant?
  • What is the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme?
  • What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance, and do I have to pay it?
  • What credit score do you need, what do I need to know about my credit file?
  • What documents will I need?
  • Are there still any grants or incentives available to purchase?
  • What does it mean that the Lender will look at my account conduct?
  • How much can I spend?
  • What will the repayments be?

At Exceed Financial Solutions, you will have a dedicated mortgage broker who can support and guide you through the entire home loan application process.

Entering the property market for the first time may seem daunting. It doesn’t need to be.  The key is planning and the earlier, the better. If you call us at the beginning, we can show you how to be credit ready, and if there is something you need to do slightly differently, you will know with time to spare.  Being a First Time Home Buyer may be closer than you think.

We will help to set your mind at ease by assisting you determine your goals and borrowing capacity, as well as tell you about all the associated costs involved in buying your first home. We will walk you, step by step, through your finances and highlight the key aspects of your financial position. We have direct access to lenders and hundreds of home loan options, with the Broker able to explain the differences between each one to help set you up with one which suits your needs.

Even if you are not sure you are quite ready to purchase your first home, making an appointment with a broker sooner rather than later will help you figure out how well you are placed, in terms of qualifying for that first home loan and provide you with critical information to ensure your dream quickly becomes a reality. Being credit ready is more important than ever.

With a bit of research and some smart advice you can achieve success, making a smooth transition to first homeowner.

As your Finance broker we play a critical role in helping you find the right home loan solution.

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