Household Living Expenses

This information helps us determine your borrowing capacity

Child care
Everything from formal day care costs for each child, to nannies and occasional babysitters.

Personal care
All clothing, footwear, cosmetics and personal hygiene products, hair dressing, manicures and massages etc.

Educational costs/fees for yourselves and your children, including books, uniforms, equipment and excursions.

This includes meat, fruit, vegetables and anything else you might buy at a supermarket, like toilet paper and cleaning products.

This section is specifically for health care costs like doctors, dental care, optical and pharmaceutical prescriptions.

This includes all personal insurance like health, home and contents, life, income protection and pet insurance.

Utilities/home expenses
Gas, water, electricity, rates, taxes and levies, and any other costs for running your own home.

Recreational expenditure like take-away food, dining out, movies, gifts, club memberships, pet care, holidays and hobbies.

Include expenses like mobile phone plans, pay or cable TV, internet, house phone, personal magazine subscriptions etc.

This section is for public transport costs, petrol, car registration, car insurance, car parking, car servicing and maintenance.

This is for rent on a property where you live, board (if you are living at your parent’s home or renting a room), or similar housing costs.

Any regular living expense which is not covered by the above categories.

Investment property expenses
Costs you are responsible for paying—council rates, property management fees, taxes and levies, body corporate/strata fees, maintenance etc.